Review of Richard Froude’s The Passenger

Here are some quotes from a very thoughtful review of Richard Froude’s The Passenger by Jade Lascelles, taken from Bombay Gin 34. 2.  For more information on this literary journal and how to acquire it – visit here.

“The reader is never sure what literary, nor what literal, territories she is traversing, but such distinctions become unnecessary as the writing proceeds.  The Passenger insists on the experience of inhabiting more than one geography at once, the recurrence that such bifurcation can incur, and the unavoidable weight carried in incessant movement…”

“The overgrowth of cultural memory and one person’s physical existence come into contact on the page, the branches of both braiding into each other.  A historical-scientific language marks the process of unearthing and categorizing the past (which is necessary in order for moments to morph into a history), and it is interspersed with the minute details of inhabiting a body presently…”

“As the book proceeds, the reader transforms into a passenger alongside the narrator, both exploring these ungrounded duplicities.  While the points of destination and departure are needed to initially define the journey, they become less and less integral to it.  Instead, Froude asks his readers to attend more towards the traits of journeying itself.    Questions and answers become neither and both, simultaneously.  They are in conversation with each other, yet at the same time have private monologues with themselves…”  

See online version here

© Bombay Gin (2012 The Naropa Press)

The Passenger by Richard Froude is available from the Skylight Press website -as various Amazon, Amazon UK, and Barnes & Noble web.

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