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Red Tree, White Tree by Wendy Berg

I began to write this book after I had been handed a glass of red wine and a voice in my head said: “If you drink that, you’ll die.” Such is the opening line of Wendy Berg’s seminal new book … Continue reading

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Anthology Wars: Which is the definitive Contemporary British Poetry collection?

Much has been made of the recent spate of Contemporary British Anthologies in literary circles and many have written about the ongoing wrestling match over the 20th Century British poetry canon.  As Skylight Press gears up to kick off its … Continue reading

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Daniel Staniforth on Skylight Press

Weaver in the Sluices by Daniel Staniforth is set to be the first poetry title unleashed by Skylight Press – a collection of 100 or so poems which emerge from under the mantle of Dylan Thomas, Wilfred Owen and all … Continue reading

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In memoriam – and then some!

If Rebecca’s play This Wretched Splendour was reckoned to have “knocked into a cocked hat” the so far established canon for first world war plays then her novel In Different Skies must go close to doing much the same demolition … Continue reading

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In Different Skies by Rebecca Wilby

In her play, This Wretched Splendour, Rebecca Wilby delivered a remarkable foray into the social dynamics of the World War One trenches.  In her new novel, In Different Skies, she delves even deeper into that subterranean world with remarkable and … Continue reading

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Hugh Fox on Skylight Press

We’re very excited to have among our authors the enigmatically brilliant American poet and academic Hugh Fox. A co-founder of the Pushcart Prize for Literature (alongside Anaïs Nin and others), a champion of small-press publishing and creator of the avant-garde … Continue reading

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Wendy Berg on Skylight Press

Wendy Berg’s radical book on the faery tradition in Arthurian legend will be available soon on Skylight Press. Red Tree, White Tree re-evaluates the available mythology (including some of the obscure untranslated texts) on the basis that Queen Gwenevere came … Continue reading

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