The Cosmic Doctrine: Essays Inspired by Dion Fortune’s The Cosmic Doctrine

SparksCosmicFlame300Dion Fortune’s The Cosmic Doctrine is a spiritual work that resulted from a psychic experiment between two friends in Glastonbury, 1923. It has since become one of the most important works in modern esoteric literature and a constant source of inspiration and instruction to many practitioners. Here is an excerpt from the original book jacket:

“Fortune examines the limbo where Science and Magic interact, where the cosmology of the “Big Bang” and chaos theory run parallel to the evolutionary process. She also illustrates the true nature of Good and Evil, which is generally viewed from an individual’s own highly subjective and very personal perspective, and provides further insights into the interaction of the positive and negative polarity within the universal scheme of things.”

Sparks from the Cosmic Flame, then, is a series of essays written by some of those inspired practitioners, which rather than seeking to ‘explain’ the work or re-write it in more modern vernacular, instead develops various and different aspects of its ideas that can be applied to one’s practice. It’s a book about how The Cosmic Doctrine can be used, or perhaps used differently and more flexibly.

Wendy Berg, author of Red Tree, White Tree and Gwenevere and the Round Table (both Skylight publications) has collated a series of illuminating essays by those who share a common enthusiasm for The Cosmic Doctrine and its applicability to contemporary practice.  The contributors include the editor as well as M. E. Beardsley, James North, Stuart Delacey, Dale Kendrick, J.R. Petrie, Derek Thompson, Gwen Blythe, Christian Gilson, Holly Mulhern and Alan Robinson. There is no single or orthodox interpretation but rather a call for individual imagination and intuition, as well as the reasoning mind. It is unlike any other book and the reader will find that the guidance and inspiration of the original Inner Plane communicators are still there to be contacted; the words are the catalyst. One needs only to read a portion of the text and hold the images and concepts in their mind for the magic to work.

Skylight Press, an avid supporter (and publisher) of the work of Dion Fortune from both a literary and practical perspective, is thrilled to introduce this vigorous collection of essays. The book can be ordered from our website, from Amazon or Amazon UK, as well as various other bookshops and vendors.


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