About us

Our main website is at www.skylightpress.co.uk

We are a small independent British publisher based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (south west England) specialising in literary fiction, drama and poetry, advanced horticulture and the esoteric. Our niche sits somewhere just below the parapet of mainstream publishing, where we are nicely placed to issue gems of quality writing which may have slipped below the radar of bigger publishers.

Skylight Press was co-founded by Rebsie Fairholm and Daniel Staniforth, with author/publisher Gareth Knight as its adviser.

Rebsie Fairholm has over 20 years of publishing experience and is trained in book production, typesetting, editorial and graphic design. She worked in the production department at major educational publisher Stanley Thornes (now Nelson Thornes) for eight years before going freelance as a book designer and editor. She currently handles the design and production side of things for Skylight.

Daniel Staniforth is a writer and scholar of poetry, fiction, literary analysis, and musical composition, whose work has featured in various small press publications and literary webzines. He also teaches English Composition and Literature, having served in various capacities at Miami University, the Metropolitan State University of Denver, and the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics.

Gareth Knight is the author of some forty books and a seasoned lecturer within the esoteric field and an established expert on the Western Mystery Tradition. He founded the publishing arm of Helios Books in the 1960s which launched many significant esoteric books, some of which have found their way back to Skylight. Now retired, he worked for many years as a commissioning editor for Longman’s (now part of the Pearson group) and served on a subcommittee of the Publishers’ Association. He now sits on the editorial board of Skylight Press as an honorary adviser.

Skylight Press is the culmination of a long-held dream to found a small esoteric and literary press. Our aim is to support good writing and we are particularly keen to support and encourage British writers.

We publish …
– Inspired and visionary literary fiction, quality poetry, drama, and exceptionally good literary analysis.
– Serious esoteric and occult books with a focus towards the Western Mystery Tradition, paganism and ritual magic.
– Serious horticulture books with an emphasis on ecological and sustainable gardening.

We DON’T publish …
– Popular fiction, genre fiction, or mainstream poetry.
– Popular mind body & spirit, new age, or self-help books.
– Mainstream gardening books or glossy coffee-table books.

We only publish full-length scripts, not chapbooks or flash fiction.

It’s our general policy to use British English in all our books.

Please visit our main website for information on how to submit scripts to us.