I, Universe by Darryl Sloan

IUniverse300“The search for truth is not for everyone. It is not for those who accept without question the beliefs they inherited by accident of birth. It is not for those whose natural tendency is to mimic the thoughts and attitudes of their peers. It is not for those who are afraid to be different. It is not for those who need the approval of others to maintain their own happiness. It is not for those who only have ears for what makes them feel good. It is not for those who think they already know and need never change their minds. In short, it’s not for a lot of people….

This book is primarily for anyone who feels frustrated, angry, or confused in the task of figuring out what life is all about. It is a love letter to the person I used to be, someone whose anxieties and sorrows are undoubtedly mirrored in the experiences of others – perhaps you. This is my attempt to lend a helping hand to anyone who has intuitively felt (to borrow a line from the movie The Matrix) “a splinter in your mind.”

Thus begins the introduction of Darryl Sloan’s all-encompassing new tome, I, Universe, sub-titled Demolishing and Rebuilding Spirituality for a Scientific Age.  While it is a sign of the times that many people are abandoning their inherited faith systems and modes of worship, Sloan is not content to slip into any sort of spiritual void and undergoes a fascinating search for the numinous that takes his readers down many surprising and invigorating avenues.  Sloan, a self-propelled and successful Northern Irish YouTube personality and all-round thespian, takes a demolition hammer to church doctrines and rigid dogma but is not content to play gleefully in the rubble as so many deconversionists do.  His book presents an earnest quest with a fascinating admixture of philosophy, psychology, theology, science, cosmology, telekinesis, and the occult. Each fascinating chapter is sprinkled with relatable analogies from our contemporary world, always stoking embers of possibility and intrigue.

What is the true underlying nature of reality and what is my place in it? Does my life have meaning, or am I a cosmic accident? Are the answers to these questions found in religion, or is science where the real enlightenment lies? Is it even possible to know? In this bewildering world of differing beliefs, what chance do I have of finding any genuine truth? And where do I even begin? With two words: question everything.

Darryl Sloan steps outside of conventional wisdom and brings together a wealth of insight from both personal experience and quantifiable research.  The result is a must-read book that will help the ‘everyman’ within us all find their place in the Universe.  Skylight Press is delighted to offer this important book, one that will challenge the experienced esotericist as well as provide a great starting point for aspiring seekers.

I, Universe can be purchased from our website as well as Amazon and Amazon UK and various other online vendors.


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