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The Romance of the Faery Melusine: translated by Gareth Knight from a novel by André Lebey

Little is known about the 15th Century trouvere, Jean d’Arras, except that he was one of the first to chronicle the story of Melusine and the noble history of Lusignans, somewhere between 1382 and 1394.  Like most tales of the … Continue reading

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Diddle by Daniel Staniforth

Every now and then you come across a book which you just read straight through with a kind of slack jawed and glazed eyed wonder, wishing you’d written it. That’s how I first read Daniel Staniforth’s Diddle, a string of … Continue reading

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Skylight is one year old

Left: our first book and our twentieth. Today marks the first anniversary of Skylight’s foundation – or at least the day when I woke up with a strangely persistent desire, completely out of nowhere, to publish a playscript which had … Continue reading

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Skylight Authors team up on RUINS CD…

Daniel Staniforth and Rebsie Fairholm present ‘sonic poemscape’ readings from Margaret Randall’s new book of poetry, RUINS (University of New Mexico Press, ISBN 978-0826350671). The music features original compositions as well as Daniel and Rebsie’s arrangements of traditional melodies. About … Continue reading

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