Two Reviews by Samuel Scarborough…

We’re thrilled to report two new reviews of our books written by Samuel Scarborough for the Hermetic Virtues journal.  Here are a few snippets – for more information on the journal visit –

Quoted from New Way of Looking at Golden Dawn Rituals: A review of Peregrin Wildoak’s By Names and Images

“…Peregrin Wildoak writes in an easy manner that conveys his thoughts  concerning meditation, visualization. and divination, as ell as the practical application of Golden Dawn ritual in a more eŕfective manner to  reader. The book is replete with diagrams and graphics that help convey the message that Mr. Wildoak is discussing in the appropriate sections of By Names and Images…”

“…It is not everyday that a book comes along that is not just a rehash and rewording of a previous book but Peregrin Wildoak manages to present traditional Golden Dawn rituals and materials with a new light so as to expose yet another layer to the complexity of Golden Dawn magical work.  He does this in an easy manner, shedding both insight and teaching in a manner that is easy to understand and read…”

Quoted from A Life Magical and Rich: A review of Gareth Knight’s I Called it Magic

“…Mister Knight has been a perennial member of the esoteric community since the early 1950’s within the United Kingdom and has made several major contributions to the esoteric scene there, in Europe, and in North America…”

“…Gareth  Knight’s life has been a bridge between the “old guard” and many of the “new guard” within  the esoteric Community. Through his Work with the Society of Inner Light he was able to meet many of those that had worked with Dion Fortune, and even helped influence her organization. People like Margaret Lumley Brown and W.E. Butler were great influences on Knight’s development. He also had the opportunity to Work with Israel Regardie, though mostly as a publisher…”

“…Gareth Knight shares his remarkable life in such a way as to give the reader a sensation of actually being there…”

Both books are available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble online, and the Skylight Press website




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