This Wretched Splendour receives thoughtful review!

This Wretched Splendour, a two-act play by Rebecca Wilby and the first title to be published by Skylight Press, has received a thoughtful review by Peregrin Wildoak on the Magic of the Ordinary blog-site.  In keeping with the theme of the site, Wildoak deftly examines the play’s esoteric underpinnings while also touching on the theoretical concept of cultural memory.  Here is a sample.  For the entire article, please visit –

“… the play is literally a talisman, a condensation of inner forces, contacts and blessings made available on this plane via the medium of literature.”

“Subconsciously, by reading this play we are connected and opened to the reality of the living history of this ‘war to end all wars’. Though nearly a century ago, the wounds and scars remain and effect us all. It warped and maimed a generation, as well as providing impetus for much change.”

“The sheer scale of horror (with thousands dieing before breakfast in some battles) is incomprehensible to our modern minds, accustomed to hearing the names of individual battle deaths.”

“It is only recently that psychology has begun to look at this ‘trans-generational trauma’, trying to make sense of these deep soul wounds. This play takes us into the genesis of that trauma.”


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