Weaver in the Sluices by Daniel Staniforth

Weaver in the Sluices is Daniel’s first collection of published poetry, comprising over 100 works which are intensely individual, richly mystical, passionate, resplendent and musical. Daniel is equally at home in outer and inner landscapes, crafting them into unique but familiar forms that are both lyrical and visionary in equal measure.

Although it’s his diversity of expression which keeps this collection vibrant all the way through, one of Daniel’s greatest gifts is his intuitive evocation of the English landscape, such as this depiction of a Cotswold hillside from “The Aeolian Catch”:

About that old wind-driven trunk
Bleaching in the sun
Hewn roots still the keeper of mysteries

wooden ear to time’s chaconne
Caught secrets of the meadow

Breathing counterpoint
Cajoled into mirrored states

Sloped hills
Calciphile fauna
Where buried fingers
Pluck the limestones

leading tones leading
Old Beech doddering with age
Drystone serpents
Copper and gold strands intermingled

Some hollows
Made to be filled
Spaces that cradle the willing
Enticements that transcend
The dim actuals of presence

Dare you sing?
sing to me?
Coloured tones on pushed breaths

Marsh tit
leads the way
Jocular jackdaw
Chances a rasp on the breeze

Play for you
Chords are a soft trident
Pawing at the wolds

A musician as well as a poet, Daniel has a collection of poems (his own and other people’s) set to music, which can be listened to on his website.

Click the player to listen to Staggering Space, a poem from Weaver in the Sluices.

Weaver in the Sluices is available now priced £9.99, and can be found on Amazon (UK and US) or direct from Skylight Press.

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1 Response to Weaver in the Sluices by Daniel Staniforth

  1. j.a. kazimer says:

    Excellent book. I’d buy two!

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