Melusine of Lusignan and the Cult of the Faery Woman by Gareth Knight

melusinecultoffaery300First published by R.J. Stewart Books in 2010, Melusine of Lusignan and the Cult of the Faery Woman is now reissued with extra illustrations, following on from our 2011 edition of The Romance of the Faery Melusine, which offered the author’s own translation of an evocative early 20th Century novel by André Lebey. In the former work Knight makes a strong case for Melusine being one of the pre-Christian water-faeries (like the Lady of the Lake or Lorelei), illustrating how the story can become one of magical empowerment and transformation, as similarly suggested by his treatment of the tales of the Arthuriad.

An author of many books on magic, occultism, and esoteric tradition, Knight explores and reveals the hidden mystery of the Faery Melusine, a major figure in medieval French lore and legend. Through vivid interpretation of original source texts, he shows that the Melusine story is a powerful initiatory legend emerging from the deeply transformative Faery Tradition of ancient Europe. Furthermore he demonstrates how such legends manifest as history: the innate sacromagical power of Melusine affected key places and events in the development of the medieval world and from there reached far into the shaping of the modern world through the conflicts for Jerusalem and the Middle East. Taken as a whole, this work offers potent medieval faery lore and hidden goddess traditions for the 21st century. 

Here are a couple of telling short reviews of the first edition:

“What I most valued about Knight’s book is how he retells the story, then breaks it into pieces and offers commentary on each section, including what was added later to the legend and what might be the earlier versions. For example, Melusine’s ten children, excepting Geoffrey, seem to be mostly fictional and added as ways to link the genealogy of several European houses as descendants of Melusine. It’s also interesting that Pressyne’s curse on her daughters for how they punished their father is probably an addition to the story made by chroniclers to explain her serpent’s tale.” (Tyler Tichelaar, author of King Arthur’s Children)

“I had no idea who Melusine was…or perhaps I should say “is”. Fortunately Gareth’s command of medieval French is sufficient to give him the ability to cast Melusine in a modern setting where the ancient beliefs can stand side by side with modern research. I had never considered the possibilities that the Faery could have had such influence in the periods Gareth describes her as active in. When I combine this book with Red Tree, White Tree by Wendy Berg, I can truly begin to see the first light of a new dawn rising over England, a new way of thinking about our Faery kin.” (Bokhara)

Skylight Press is proud to offer another reissue of Gareth Knight’s works, which are known world-wide and have been influential in the development of the contemporary magical revival.  Melusine of Lusignan and the Cult of the Faery Woman  is now available from various retail outlets such as, or direct from the Skylight Press website.


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