Skylight Press to publish a series of William G. Gray Books

250px-William_G_Gray“Magicians are not made, they make themselves.”

Skylight Press is pleased to announce that it will be publishing a series of out-of-print and possible new books by William G. Gray over the next three years.  The series will commence in early 2014 with his seminal work, The Talking Tree, with other releases coming soon after.  This follows our publication of The Old Sod: The Odd Life and Inner Work of William G. Gray, a biography written by Gray’s godson Marcus Claridge in collaboration with well-known occult biographer Alan Richardson – and The Rollright Ritual, Bill’s fascinating book about his work with the Rollright stone circle in Oxfordshire, first published by Helios in 1975.  Our decision comes as part of our general commitment to the British Mystery traditions – and to authors past and present.  Here is a section from our Author Introduction blog of 2011:

“Bill Gray devoted his entire life to his “esoteric interests”, and by questioning every detail of the established assumptions, found out what worked and what didn’t – culminating in his founding of the Sangreal Sodality which still thrives today. He was very open-minded in his exploration of occultism, and although he wrote books primarily about hermetic subjects, he took part in many workings with witchcraft and druid groups and made his own contribution to the British Mysteries through his work with the Rollright stones. His writing career only began when he was in his late fifties, when he was discovered by the tiny occult publisher Helios Book Service, based near his home town of Cheltenham. This is where a connection with Skylight Press comes in, because Helios was run by my father (Gareth Knight), who published some of Bill’s most important books. Skylight is in many ways the offspring of Helios, still based in Cheltenham, and we’re very happy to be able to make our own contribution to the legacy of William G. Gray.”

Read the rest of Rebecca Wilby’s article here.


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