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Run the Daughter of the Soil gardening blog, and Cheltonia, a history of Cheltenham.

William G. Gray on Skylight Press

William G. Gray (1913-1992) was a true original whose books on Qabalah and ritual magic set a fresh pathway across which most others have followed. He was not always an easy man to get on with, but it says a … Continue reading

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Depths and Dragons by Hugh Fox

The first of our two Hugh Fox novels is now available. Depths and Dragons is the story of Miriam, a Jewish woman whose spiritual identity is thrown into turmoil when her husband is killed in a terrorist attack in Tel … Continue reading

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Yours Very Truly by Gareth Knight

Yours Very Truly is a collection of letters by Gareth Knight, which will provide both insight and entertainment for those interested in magic, the Qabalah, the vagaries of esoteric publishing and a vast array of literary and intellectual subjects.  Knight … Continue reading

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Weaver in the Sluices by Daniel Staniforth

Weaver in the Sluices is Daniel’s first collection of published poetry, comprising over 100 works which are intensely individual, richly mystical, passionate, resplendent and musical. Daniel is equally at home in outer and inner landscapes, crafting them into unique but … Continue reading

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Red Tree, White Tree by Wendy Berg

I began to write this book after I had been handed a glass of red wine and a voice in my head said: “If you drink that, you’ll die.” Such is the opening line of Wendy Berg’s seminal new book … Continue reading

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Daniel Staniforth on Skylight Press

Weaver in the Sluices by Daniel Staniforth is set to be the first poetry title unleashed by Skylight Press – a collection of 100 or so poems which emerge from under the mantle of Dylan Thomas, Wilfred Owen and all … Continue reading

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Hugh Fox on Skylight Press

We’re very excited to have among our authors the enigmatically brilliant American poet and academic Hugh Fox. A co-founder of the Pushcart Prize for Literature (alongside Anaïs Nin and others), a champion of small-press publishing and creator of the avant-garde … Continue reading

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