4th Anniversary Special: New Expanded Edition of Rebecca Wilby’s This Wretched Splendour

TWS300To celebrate our 4th anniversary at Skylight Press, and in honour of the First World War Centenary,  we have reissued our very first book, This Wretched Splendour, in an all-new expanded edition. This new edition includes a one-act play, Wild With All Regrets, an evocative biographical drama woven from the words and experiences of Wilfred Owen on the Western Front.

Wilby explores the psyche of the shocking and visceral war poet, incorporating real conversations from Owen’s letters and his friendship with fellow war poet, Siegfried Sassoon. In one single act viewers will see the metamorphosis of public opinion in regards to the Great War and how the horrors of trench and gas warfare eventually polluted the most fervent and patriotic minds.

This Wretched Spendour, also a play about the First World War, was performed in London and praised at the time by well respected Theatre critics:

“The standard first world war play is still RC Sherriff’s Journey’s End. But Rebecca Wilby, a 29-year-old from Cheltenham, knocks it into a cocked hat with This Wretched Splendour. Where Sherriff’s play is steeped in the public-school ethos, this one conveys the eccentric humanity and the tragedy of life at the front line.”

— Michael Billington, The Guardian

“…an engaging, affectionate foray into an alien world.”

— Time Out

We are very proud that it was the first publication at Skylight Press and you can read our original release statement here. The new edition (ISBN: 978-1-908011-93-0) is now available from various retail outlets such as Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk or direct from the Skylight Press website. We still have a few copies of the original issue so if you would like one of those please contact us.


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