Esoteric Training in Everyday Life by Gareth Knight

esoterictraining300“The task of the neophyte is to render himself sensitive to the impressions available to him from his inner teacher. These may be in the form of actual teachings to be disseminated to others, or of actions to perform in the outer world, or perhaps, and even more difficult, a change of attitude or personal realisation which in itself will have an effect upon the general social, emotional, mental and moral climate of the times, either in the narrower or the wider sense.”

Written by one of the world’s foremost experts on Western Esoteric Traditions, Esoteric Training in Everyday Life is work full of wisdom and insights that will help readers apply spiritual, magical and Qabalistic principles to their everyday life. A series of astute essays, many of which were originally penned for the Quadriga and Open Centres magazines, it covers a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience, and provides useful instruction as to how our daily lives can be made a training ground for adepthood. It is a deeply practical work on may levels, explicating various meditation techniques and instructing how one should go about finding the right esoteric teachers. Aspiring students will find it an invaluable guide for starting out on various paths and maintaining a strong ritual practice.  Likewise, seasoned practitioners will enjoy fresh and new insights.

Esoteric Training in Everyday Life includes chapters on the basic tenets of occult practice, as well as some delightfully surprising inclusions. Illustrated Essays on the Tree of Life explain the evolution of modern esoteric Qabalah and how it has evolved from an image of God to a map of the created universe. A careful elucidation of the philosophy of Coleridge, and its relevance for today, is followed by a chapter on bridging the gap between psychology and occultism, with examples from the life of Dion Fortune and the ‘ghost’ of her Sea Priestess. Knight oscillates between various disciplines and shows that occultists are veritable magpies, borrowing from literature, philosophy, theology, psychology and science. Among his refreshing insights is a lucid commentary on the little known poetry of Alfred Noyes.

Skylight Press is thrilled to offer this little gem in hopes that it will encourage readers to seek out other great works of Gareth Knight. It is a wonderful introductory work for those seeking practical guidance for their everyday practice.

Esoteric Training in Everyday Life is now available from various retail outlets such as, or direct from the Skylight Press website.


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  1. Karen says:

    Inspiring news, and timely! A good way to begin the new calendar year …

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