A Couple of Recent Reviews…


Here are a couple of recent reviews of Skylight books…


Review by David James:

StewartFarrar300Stewart Farrar – Writer on a Broomstick 
A biography by Elizabeth Guerra and Janet Farrar

“Whilst he might not have had the cache of Gerald Gardner or the notoriety of Alex Sanders, there can be little doubt that Stewart Farrar has been one of the most influential men in modern witchcraft.

Together with his wife Janet he wrote many worthy books upon the subject but it was surely his first work in the field; “What Witches Do” and perhaps his novel “Omega” for which many of us will remember him.

“Writer on a Broomstick” is a work which many will regard with great interest therefore. Detailing his life and loves and his dedication to witchcraft, this book paints us a picture of a most remarkable man.”

To read the rest of the review visit The Twisted Tree website

Review by Lucyz Starza:

StantonDrew400The Sacred Stone Circles of Stanton Drew
by Gordon Strong

“Gordon Strong starts with the basics – a chapter entitled “What are Stone Circles” –  and goes on to discuss the archaeological details of the stone circles at Stanton Drew. It appears archaeologists have found evidence that the huge ring of stones once contained concentric rings of wooden posts – a woodhenge. This may even have included a covered area that could have been used as a temple.

Various people have surveyed the site from the 18th century onwards – these have included scientific studies as well as investigations by dowsers and mediums.  The book looks at solar, lunar and planetary alignments that have been calculated. The most popular of these is that the stones indicate the midwinter sunset and the midsummer sunrise, although another theory is that Stanton Drew follows the cycle of the planet Venus.

There are also many tales surrounding Stanton Drew, including local folklore that the stones are a wedding party who were cursed after their celebrations went past midnight on Saturday and into Sunday morning. There are myths relating to gods and goddesses and tales of King Arthur and the magician Merlin connected to the area.

Many stone circles are considered to be connected to lines of earth energy that cover the planet, and Stanton Drew is no exception. Another idea is that the stone circle was a place where ancient shamans could more easily travel to other realms, perhaps helped by the quartz crystals within the stones themselves, or by the magic mushrooms that grow profusely in the surrounding countryside.”

To read the rest of the review visit A Bad Witch’s Blog


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