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We are always interested in what our authors are doing, whether with Skylight or with other great presses.  Here is a smattering of recent new release offerings from various places…


GhostMilkGhost Milk: Recent Adventures Among the Future Ruins of London on the Eve of the Olympics

The Olympics, the story goes, have transformed London into a gleaming, wholly modern city. And East London—Olympic headquarters—is the city’s new jewel, provider of unlimited opportunities and better tomorrows. The grime and poverty have been scrubbed away, and huge stadiums and grand public sculptures have taken their place.
The writer Iain Sinclair has lived in East London for four decades, and in Ghost Milk, he tells a very different story about his home: that of a neighborhood turned upside down, of stolen history. Long-beloved parks have vanished; police raids can occur at any time; and high-security exclusion zones—enforced by armed guards and hidden cameras—have steamrolled East London’s open streets and public spaces. To prepare for the most public of events, everything has been privatized.
A call to arms against the politicians and public figures who have so doggedly preached the gospel of the Olympics, Ghost Milk is also a brilliant reflection on a changing landscape—and Sinclair’s most personal book yet. In an attempt to understand what has happened to his beloved city, Sinclair travels farther afield: he walks along the Thames from the North Sea to Oxford; he rides the bus across northern England; he visits Athens and Berlin, Olympic sites of the recent and distant past.

Elegiac, intimate, and audacious, Ghost Milk is at once a powerful chronicle of memory and loss, in the tradition of W. G. Sebald and Roberto Bolaño, and a passionate interrogation of our embrace of progress at any cost.  (Faber & Faber)


DarkLightDark Light: A Neo-Templar Timestorm

Jack Hobbes finally had to admit that all the Conspiracy Theories were right – every damned one of them – when he found himself driving his Mobile Library at speed down narrow Wiltshire roads at dawn, pursued by implacable Frenchmen who were not sure whether the sealed box he had strapped onto the passenger seat contained either a see-through electric kettle from Argos, or the preserved head of John the Baptist. On top of all that he then had to contend with the real Men in Black and the Trans-Galactics, plus MI5, the CIA, Opus Dei, numerous Freemasons and neo-Templars, Knights of the Star Gates, and various incarnate aspects of the Wild Hunt – who had been hiding for years in a certain little Old Peoples’ Home in rural Wiltshire. And it had all been caused by two silly women – Jenny Djinn and Lilith Love – who just happened to also be Death Goddesses, and who fell for the same Mobile Librarian in a small Wiltshire town that was named after trolls…  (Mutus Liber Books)

the-inner-guide-to-the-megalithsInner Guide to the Megaliths

Megalithic remains are still scattered across the countryside thousands of years after being built, and their meaning – like dreams – are often the subject of intense and varying interpretation. Ordinary folk have been unexpectedly touched by these ancient sites, had the most inexplicable experiences, and have felt their own lives enlarged. In the first book of its kind Alan Richardson has brought together a collection of astounding experiences from a cross section of people, including leading mediums, psychics, shamans, druids, exorcists, witches, remote viewers, magicians and mystics of every tradition – as well as ordinary day-trippers who have found that the ancient sites have in some way ‘spoken’ to them. More, he shows that not only are there are secrets buried within the countryside of every nation, which the mystics, mediums and magicians can help us find, but that there are secret places within the mind that are aligned to stars, and planets, energies and entities, and which – apparently – can take us across Time and within ourselves.  (Megalithica Books)

412bklA53nL._SY300_WILL ALEXANDER:

Singing in Magnetic Hoofbeat: Essays, Prose Texts, Interviews, and a Lecture

One of the most prolific and original figures in the field of contemporary literature, Will Alexander is known worldwide for his arresting explorations of European and Caribbean surrealism, postcolonial history, twentieth-century philosophy, and contemporary scientific theory. Here, Alexander undertakes nothing less than a redefinition of the essay form itself, opening an ‘artery of twilight’ wherein aesthetic, political, historical, social, cultural, scientific, and theoretical discourses often become indistinguishable elements of an holistic investigation into the composition or, re-composition of the physical and metaphysical worlds. Edited by poet Taylor Brady, Singing in Magnetic Hoofbeat is an indispensible record of Alexander’s thought, and confirms his reputation as one of the foremost exponents of Afro-futurist modernism.  (Essay Press)


thefivetarots-frontcoverThe Five Tarots

There are 78 cards in the Tarot, 22 of which are known as the Major Arcana, containing a breadth of wisdom and magical philosophy. Yet it is within the first five of these cards that the main principles of the Tarot can be found. The Tarot is a tangible demonstration of High Magic, and nowhere is that more evident than in the extraordinary power of The Magician and The High Priestess. Combined with The Fool, The Empress and The Emperor, the keys to the Tarot are ready to be unlocked.  (Kerubim Press)


DoorwayDoorway into Darkness

By evoking Earth Spirits beneath an ancient stone circle, demonic powers are bestowed upon the evil Lord Folds who enslaves the soul of England. Mr. Tonks, Mandy the barmaid, and Martin, a philosophy student, join forces to defeat the tyrant. Our hero must journey into the darkness and chaos of the Otherworld to save his love. Will Barstowe University be forever corrupted and destroyed by the corporate menace? You will weep at this tale of thrilling magic, multiple dimensions and romance…mainly with laughter.  (Dioscuri Press)



HopliteThe Hoplite Journals (Complete in one volume)

This compendium edition of all three volumes of Martin Anderson’s The Hoplite Journals evokes events and places largely in South East and South Asia as well as the West, exploring allegiances and identities within the troubled context of mostly colonial and ex-colonial possessions.  (Shearsman Books)




GD Flying RollsCommentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls

This book contains the 36 pivotal papers given to Adepts in the original Golden Dawn order, providing key insights and instructions into the theory and practice of magic, from theurgy, imagination and symbolism to clairvoyance, divination and telesmatic images. For the first time these texts are brought together in a single printed volume, along with some rare administrative versions that were all but ignored by modern eyes. In addition, extensive and insightful commentaries from modern Golden Dawn magicians from a variety of orders are here provided, adding to the corpus of teaching provided in the Flying Rolls themselves.  (Kerubim Press)


Rhizome-cover-webThe Rhizome as a Field of Broken Bones

A poetry collection about connectivity, this book suggests that humankind is linked by its concerns for global human rights and a sustainable global climate. Named for a root system that connects seemingly separate plants, like a stand of aspen trees, this compilation seeks to celebrate common human roots.  (Wings Press)





CelticShamanThe Celtic Shaman

Probably the oldest known spiritual discipline, shamanism is the timeless art of living in harmony with creation, providing a universal system to work with today, whatever our religion or spiritual affiliation may be. A reflection of a living tradition with a supremely practical approach to life, it teaches skills for living and ways to utilize latent abilities which we all possess. Celtic Shamanism derives from the native traditions of North-West Europe. The shamanic contribution of the Celts and their predecessors has been overlooked until recently, and is one of the last shamanic traditions to be explored. While it shares common elements with American, Australian and Siberian teachings, it derives entirely from Celtic source material. The Celtic Shaman offers a varied and easily followed plan of self-tuition for anyone interested in Celtic mythology and the Western mysteries.  (Ebury Digital)


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