Magical Images and the Magical Imagination by Gareth Knight

MagicalImages300In times past the knowledge and use of magical images was once a closely guarded secret stowed in the minds and vaults of initiates and adepts in the Mystery Schools. But now celebrated esoteric scholar and practitioner, Gareth Knight, offers us easy-to-follow classifications of the various kinds of magical image, along with instructions for their use as agents of self-realisation and spiritual service.  Esoteric teacher, Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, says this of the practicality of the book:  “Gareth Knight has packed this slim booklet with an amazing array of exercises and training idea for both the beginner and the advanced students. I shall certainly put it on the recommended reading list for The SOL school.”

As he does in other volumes, Knight begins the work with a discussion of the Imagination as perceived by Samuel Taylor Coleridge before putting the portents of which into practice with a number of magical images:

“The IMAGINATION then, I consider either as primary, or secondary. The primary IMAGINATION I hold to be the living Power and prime Agent of all human Perception, and as a repetition in the finite mind of the eternal act of creation in the infinite I AM. The secondary Imagination I consider as an echo of the former, co-existing with the conscious will, yet still as identical with the primary in the kind of its agency, and differing only in degree, and in the mode of operation.”

Magical Images and the Magical Imagination will prove indispensable for beginners and advanced practitioners alike, as it presents the theory and techniques of creative visualisation and meditation. These practical teachings range from the circulation of force within the aura for the purpose of balancing the personality to the development of a full magical system of pathworking, enabling contact with inner sources of wisdom. Knight takes us through a range of charts and maps, from the ancient and mediaeval astral ‘mobiles’ to the many adaptations of the qabalastic ‘Tree of Life.’  He roams through the symbols of various outer and inner landscapes, discussing the notion of questing as related to astral or inner realm travel. He takes us to a series of temples and shrines, real and imagined, in a consideration of how sacred architectural structure can serve spiritual meditation.  He introduces us to various guide and guardian archetypes, preparing the imagination for a meaningful channelling experience.  The last few chapters expound greatly on the tools for the magical imagination that can be found in the Lesser and Greater Mysteries, various facets of Qabalistic pathworking, and the secrets of the Tarot.  In short, this work serves as a marvellous introduction to Gareth Knight, for he writes in more depth on all of these subjects in his many other books.

Now in its third edition, a new section is included on magical applications of the Tarot images, plus an extensive chapter on Qabalistic pathworking in the Western Mystery Tradition.  The original version, which included the first seven chapters of the new edition, was published in 1998 and 2003 by Sun Chalice Books. Many students and practitioners found the first two editions extremely helpful, as evidenced by this smattering of Amazon review quotes:

“One of the many reasons I found this book to be helpful is that it helped immensely in honing up my visualization skills. The words seem to paint the landscape before you and I found that after utilizing the exercises, the use of the creative imagination became much more pronounced. I found that it also helped with meditational skills as I could draw on the experience gained in the use of this book. The structure of the book presented a very well-rounded approach covering everything from an understanding of patterns within which are expressed in the planets and stars around us, to the composition of mood and place within which is necessary to approach the work, to the utilization of symbolism and understanding the images perceived within the work…”

“Trancework is a much neglected topic in occult literature. Most books fixate on ritual technique and give little if any information on inner workings. “Magical Images. . .” is a bit different. Knight shows how trance works, and gives a more or less kabbalistic outline for structuring a trance journey…”

“I found this book to be both profound and enlightening. Within this author’s pages, I became aware of the basis and usefulness of the art of meditation. I found the exercises practical and easily done and have to acknowledge that it improved my personal studies.”

Skylight Press is thrilled to publish an all-new and expanded edition of this work in hopes that it will find its way to a whole new generation of students and seekers.

Magical Images and the Magical Imagination is available from various retail outlets such as Amazon, Amazon UK, or direct from the Skylight Press website.

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