A Review of The Sacred Stone Circles of Stanton Drew – by Sue Vincent

When an author writes with a real passion for his subject it shines through every word. This is not the first book that Gordon Strong has published on the wonderful sacred landscape of Stanton Drew, but it is, I feel, the first time his intimate knowledge of the site has been allowed a true marriage with his love of place.

One has sensed in previous tomes a reining in of both aspects of this volume, due either to simple word count or the demographics of the audience for which the books have been written. Here, however, the unbridled passion for Stanton Drew is allowed to publicly blossom, unfolding petal by petal before the readers’ mind.

I have met Gordon Strong. We spent a balmy summer afternoon, a window of perfect weather amid the showers, laid on the grass in the centre of the stones watching the clouds make dragons in the sky as he talked about the landscape. He showed me the traces within the land that charted the evolution of the site from its inception to its decline, and I can tell you that this is no mere jumping on the bandwagon of a subject. There is a deep and abiding love of the place, a knowledge fuelled by decades of exploration, gleaned and researched from many sources and an inspired and introspective understanding of the slow procession of time and Man across the pages of history and the living Earth.

Gordon’s enthusiasm is infectious and genuine, seeping into the reader by a kind of osmosis of the soul. His undoubted knowledge covers all aspects of the circle from geology to archaeology and his speculations and interpretation of the site takes a journey from the stars, twining intimately around fact, fiction and legend.

Perhaps almost more importantly, Gordon can see, vividly, the sacredness of the landscape, both to our ancestors and the modern seeker of inner wisdom. His precise and rich use of language paints the reader a picture that brings a field full of stones to life and illuminates the dusty corners of the past.

The book will, I feel certain, become a classic and definitive work on this mysterious forgotten landscape.

S.C.Vincent is a Yorkshire born artist, writer and poet, who has studied within the Western Mystery Tradition for over 35 years.  She has written and taught meditation and visualisation courses and is currently working on the designs for a new Tarot as well as several other books.  She is co-author of The Mystical Hexagram with Dr G Michael Vasey and Director of The Silent Eye School of Consciousness.

Gordon Strong’s The Sacred Stone Circles of Stanton Drew is available from Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble online, and theSkylight Press website.


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