A Review of The Magical Battle of Britain by Peregrin WIldoak

Here are some snippets of a very thoughtful review of The Magical Battle of Britain by Dion Fortune written on August 12, 2012.  The review is articulately penned by fellow Skylight author, Peregrin Wildoak, and can be found on his exceptional blog: The Magic of the Ordinary.

“The context then is everything, and Dion Fortune’s incredible faith and strength shines through these letters regardless of this terrible context, no doubt inspiring and comforting many of the distant members of her Fraternity, unable to meet due to war-time travel restrictions. She is unwavering in her relationship with her Masters, the belief that spiritual principles will invariably overcome material based evil, that Britain will survive and the Axis powers will be defeated. She is completely sure of the efficacy of her magic, guided by the higher powers…”

“Of importance also is the glimpses the book shows of Dion Fortune the woman as well as the magician. Revealing a reflective and philosophical side of the author, the letters show a person committed to service and truth, and more than once a countering the oft-repeated views of classism and racism we still hear today. Of the former, Gareth Knight as a wonderful and illuminative editor writes, “I have heard it said that Dion Fortune, in her social attitudes, was something of a snob. This would hardly seem to be supported by her trenchant remarks about social privilege in her hundredth letter”. Indeed, this and other letters show a classless, almost socialist viewpoint…”

“The letters in this book reveal an adept of great purpose, power and skill. Each sentence enriches us, as it enriched her pupils, transmitting more than the words and intellectual meaning alone. There is dexterity and fortitude here, and wisdom unlike most of today’s modern works on the same subject…”

Dion Fortune’s The Magical Battle of Britain is available at Amazon, Amazon UK, various other online vendors and bookshops, as well as the Skylight Press website.


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