Interview with Dee Sunshine

“I think you are right to call it a demon.  It is very similar to being possessed by a malevolent entity.  When I was younger I was consumed by my desire to be a writer and artist, and, I have to confess, this desire played second fiddle to none.  Only with the passing of years and the gaining of maturity have I realized the nature of this beast, and while he still whispers seductive lies in my ears, I have grown wise to him, and, to a point have subjugated him.  I no longer think of art and writing as the be all and end all.  When I was 30 I had an ‘awakening’: I hesitate to call it a ‘spiritual awakening’ because of all the baggage that goes with that concept, but it was spiritual nonetheless; and it made me see there was so much more to life than this scribbling of images and words.  And that was the first time I managed to beat my demon into submission…”

The above fragment was taken from Dee Sunshine’s interview with Subtle Tea.  Read the rest of this fascinating interview here.  Dee Sunshine’s most recent volume of poetry, Visions of the Drowning Man, was released in January, 2012, by Skylight Press.

The above image is Dee Sunshine’s Mouth of the Shaman taken from his Red Bubble art website.


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