Peregrin Wildoak on Skylight Press

Peregrin Wildoak was born in Warwickshire and during his childhood lived in several semi-rural locations.  At a young age he learned to appreciate the Land, which later opened the door to the mysteries therein. At twelve years old he emigrated with his family to Perth in Western Australia where he has been ever since. He now lives with his son and a black dog called Theodore.

In his youth Peregrin came into contact with the western mystery traditions and the Golden Dawn. He was initiated into the latter and was blessed to receive traditional training and instruction from an elderly English initiate. He has also received initiation and training in several other traditions including Wicca and an Isis Mystery School.

As part of his involvement in the esoteric and Pagan communities Peregrin has served as regional councillor for the Pagan Alliance, has written for numerous newsletters and magazines, and is a former editor of Pagan Times and Greenspirit. He was one of the first people in Perth to lead public magical and pagan training and open workshops. He co-founded the EarthDreaming tradition and the Golden Dawn Society of Western Australia, which is the public face of the traditional Golden Dawn Order to which he belongs.

To supplement his magical training, Peregrin has trained in Re-Birthing, several other Breath-work modalities, group facilitation and group dynamics. Professionally he holds a Bachelor’s in librarianship and works providing information to professionals working with torture and trauma survivors.

As well as contributing to several online magical and pagan magazines he writes regularly for the  Magic of the Ordinary , a wonderful online blog “devoted to reflections on the Mystery and Esoteric Traditions.”  Peregrin is a scholar and enthusiast regarding the likes of Dion Fortune, Gareth Knight, Neil Douglas Klotz and many newer authors, and has written informative and insightful reviews on a number of works.  Skylight Press is thrilled to publish his long awaited first full-length book, By Names and Images: Bringing the Golden Dawn to Life, which will no doubt be a seminal work in its field.  Having had the pleasure to work with Peregrin on this book we are convinced that he is an emerging and important voice in the western mystery tradition.

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