Dee Sunshine on Skylight Press

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Dee Sunshine came to poetry at a young age, winning the Lochaber High School poetry competition in 1979. Soon after he liaised with an active London poetry scene and published a couple of chapbooks. Always interested in combing art forms and experimental new styles, he began producing Dada Dance, an alternative arts/ poetry zine that lasted for six years. More formal studies came at the Edinburgh College Of Art, where he specialised in Sculpture.  This led to an Andrew Grant travelling scholarship to India; a John Kinross Scholarship to Florence, Italy; and a brief sojourn at L’Ecole Des Beaux Arts, Le Havre, France, kindling a desire for travel that has become a large part of his life and a telling influence on his work. 

The most striking thing about Dee Sunshine is his remarkable consistency as a multi-disciplinarian artist.  His early prowess with the written word was transferred to his stunning visual art – and later to his provocative musical experiments. He has published two books of poetry, The Bad Seed and Dropping Ecstasy With The Angels, and a novel, Stealing Heaven From The Lips Of God.  He also edited the charity poetry anthology, The Book Of Hopes And Dreams.  Much like his writing, his visual art is comprised of different styles and mediums including ink drawings, charcoal drawings, etchings, pastels, oils, photomontages and mixed media collages. Such work, which could be said to be chagallesque but perhaps crisper in style, has been published in both internet and print magazines as well as various anthologies worldwide.  His art has been used on the covers of books by Rupert Loydell, Janet Buck, Kay Green, Clarinda Harriss, as well as his own books.  For a general introduction to his artwork please visit  Sunshine has also come up with eerie and evocative ‘cut-up electronic soundscapes’ of his written work, some of which can be heard at  The sound of his voice treatments give the poems an extra dimension as well as providing some insight into the vastly creative mind of this author. But not satisfied with just the big trio Sunshine has also turned his hand to illustration, editing, graphic design, film and television work, as well as a proud stint at a fish factory (see here for evidence of the latter!).  

Skylight press is proud to publish Dee Sunshine’s third book of poetry, Visions of the Drowning Man, a dark, visionary, incantatory, and powerful collection of poems.  Working with this nomadic poet is certainly interesting as he can be in Spain, India, Scotland, or Thailand at any given time.  He has most recently been studying Tantric Yoga at Swami Vivekananda Saraswati’s Agama Yoga School and one will find both tantric and yogic qualities in his wonderful works. 


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