I Called it Magic by Gareth Knight (Paperback Edition)

Released as a limited edition hardback last month, Gareth Knight’s I Called it Magic is now available in standard paperback format. Here is a review that will appear in the Winter Solstice edition of the Inner Light Journal (reprinted here with kind permission):

At last, here is the long-awaited magical biography of the best-known and well-regarded magician of our times. Gareth Knight has many friends and admirers, both through his published works and lectures, and through the experiential opportunities in magic he has offered to so many. Here in “I called it Magic” Gareth Knight is telling his own story;

“I called it Magic –  Kathleen Raine called it poetry – JRR Tolkien called it enchantment  – others have called it a variety of things – from mysticism to mumbo-jumbo. All I know is, that it works – and for better or worse I have lived most of my life by it. Now seems to be the time to take stock of it…”

Thus begins a fascinating account of  over six decades of a magical life, from childhood beginnings to his induction into the Society of the Inner Light in the nineteen fifties, and later, out again. We see how he came, through his individual work, to the founding of the Gareth Knight Group, and thence to the story of what really went on at the fabled public meetings at Hawkwood College. Like the 1960s you really had to be there….but if you were, you probably can’t remember much!

There is a thread running through the book, showing the development of work made with various Archetypal forces, and how one set of contacts seems to have led organically (for want of a better word) on to the next. A thread, I would surmise, that is seen more clearly in retrospect. It is a truism that most of us may come to discover, that in pushing back the boundaries of the norm in experimental magic, even through the wildest deviations from the “straight and narrow”, that it will one day be revealed that one has been “following the Path” all along. Not a matter of “returning to the fold” because it has been a  vital exploration, a path of inner necessity.

This is a book full of humour; there is gravity, but it has been leavened with levity. There are wonderful anecdotes and reminiscences of all sorts of fascinating people and events. Although Gareth Knight has not suffered fools gladly, he has suffered them gently and with grace in this book, which makes it an insightful account of a lifetime’s work which has not always been easy, but has clearly been exciting and great fun!

The hardback edition, limited to 150 copies, may well have sold out by now (enquiries to www.skylightpress.co.uk ) but a new paperback edition was released into the wild on 31st October, on Halloween, so there should be plenty for everyone! Highly recommended.

*Publisher’s Note – The paperback edition  is available from various retail outlets such as Amazon, or direct from the Skylight Press website.  There are a few copies of the hardback edition left and those can only be purchased from the website.

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