The Abbey Papers by Gareth Knight and Rebecca Wilby

Before its dissolution by Henry VIII the Abbey was a group of buildings that facilitated prayer, meditation, service, but also served as a centre of deep learning.  It was a self-contained autonomous zone for all facets of spirituality; a sepulchre of the soul, the Bodh Gaya, that inner temple that Christ urged his followers to keep spotless and without blemish. It was a space of reception – an enclosure of discovery – and in The Abbey Papers, celebrated teacher of the Western Mysteries, Gareth Knight, urges us to construct and inhabit such a place in which to seek those “inner horizons.”

In order to build the framework he connects with the same soular sources that gave his spiritual mentor Dion Fortune The Cosmic Doctrine and The Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage. In his own words he was “zapped by a trio of inner communicators”  – and what emanates from these remarkable spiritual architects is a series of teachings and practical meditations which were later entrusted to the Gareth Knight Group in order to construct an “Inner Abbey” for the magical expansion of both individual and group consciousness.

The book was first published in 2002 with the subtitle Inner Teachings Mediated and Skylight Press is pleased to reissue the work with an additional series of communications received by Knight’s daughter, the writer Rebecca Wilby, whilst working with the GK group.  Her final chapter lends understanding to the opening sections, although through a stylistically different reception, and culminates with the Chapel of Remembrance ritual, a magical healing for war victims and those they leave behind. Taken as a whole, the work will serve to illustrate what Gareth Knight talks about in his recent autobiography, I Called It Magic, where he likens his connection to the inner planes to the obedience of a poet to his muse.  It will also throw light on the magical machinations behind Rebecca Wilby’s play, This Wretched Splendour, and later novel, In Different Skies, both of which explore collective cultural memory and the need for absolution amid the lingering horrors of the First World War. Gareth Knight attests to the products of this shared experience, which range “from rituals at Hawkwood, plodding through Flanders mud, my playing Amazing Grace on a church carillon over the old battlefields, to theatrical performances on the London stage, and an esoteric novel…”

Now published together for the first time, these evocative scripts will enrich the would-be seeker in a number of ways; a devotional inspiration for some and a manual for personal magical work and mystical techniques for others. Each reader is given a set of blueprints by which they may formulate their own Inner Abbey and make peace with the opposing forces that swirl around it.

The Abbey Papers is available from various retail outlets such as Amazon, or direct from the Skylight Press website.


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1 Response to The Abbey Papers by Gareth Knight and Rebecca Wilby

  1. Ian Rees says:

    This book is a welcome reissue of work by Gareth Knight that in its new incarnation has been added to with some additional material by Rebecca Wilby. It is a concentrated and powerful work that repays repeated reading and is an instruction manual in the deeper arts of magic-the rousing and development of the Deep Imagination which creates and destroys worlds.

    . The construct of the inner abbey itself is a powerful archetypal image that one can explore for a lifetime.

    Rebecca Wilby’s addition to the original book brings in the imprtant area of working with the aftermath of the first world war and redemptive work for subsequent wars and this points us to the potency of the First World war as both actual event and archetypal image of the wasteland of all our lives. There are practical workings of potentially great power given to help in this task.

    There is very interesting material as she explores her relationship with David Carstairs her inner plane contact which is illuminating on the nature of such contacts. Anyone who has experience of this will recognize the dilemmas and confusions that arise in the mind when confronted by this experience.

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