Review of Gareth Knight’s autobiography – I called it Magic

I Called it Magic, the new autobiography by Gareth Knight, was recently reviewed on the Magic of the Ordinary Blog by Peregrin Wildoak.  Here is a couple of short snippets – for the full review see –

“As one has come to expect, Mr Knight’s writing is lucid, engaging and rich with the odd flashes of humour. The esoteric subject matter covered is wide, strong and varied. It shows Mr Knight’s contention that magic may be found even in the most unlikely places, without robes or tools and before our very eyes though we know it not…”

“…the diversity of magical approaches and traditions worked by Mr Knight and covered in the book is staggering: traditional ceremonial magic, Qabalah, Tarot, Isiac Mysteries, Faery Lore, Rosicrucianism… the list is very long. In addition there are descriptions of non-traditional approaches to the mysteries via the mytho-poetic creations of Tolkien, Lewis, Noyes and others.”





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