Diary as Sin by Will Alexander

In order to introduce Will Alexander’s new novel, Diary as Sin, we would like to refer to Darrell Jónsson’s excellent review in the June 1st edition of The Prague Post.  Here is the first paragraph – the rest can be found at: http://www.praguepost.com/night-and-day/books/8851-will-alexanders-diary-as-sin.html

Branded as surrealist, Los Angeles poet Will Alexander’s books have a reputation of pulling readers into altered states of consciousness with the wrenching power of words. In the force of his mental torque, Alexander is not entirely unlike another Southern California literary figure, the late Philip K. Dick, who once stated as his goal to “set off a chain reaction of ramification-ideas in the mind of the reader, so that that mind, like the author’s, begins to create.” While Dick’s chosen medium was the sort of sci-fi that eventually resulted in the big-screen hits Blade Runner and Terminator, Alexander’s style has been surrealism from the African Francophile Diaspora mixed with free-jazz driven synergies. Alexander’s second novel, Diary as Sin, proves the poet’s talents are as varied as they are raw.

See the rest of the article here.

Diary as Sin is available from the Skylight Press website, Amazon, and other vendors.


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