Immortal Jaguar by Hugh Fox

As Richard Morris attests – “Hugh Fox is an American original. There is no one else writing like him today.” One could add that this poet, novelist, renowned academic, and living small press icon is an ‘American original’ in the broader sense in that he has spent most of his life studying and honouring the continent at large.  Immortal Jaguar follows a series of thrilling earlier works such as Gods of the Cataclysm where he explored the connections between various antiquitous traditions.

In what starts out as a novel Fox travels to the house of the Sun-King, Tiawanaku (Bolivia), to uncover an enthralling ancient trail across the Atlantic and the centuries. His journey into the inner worlds is launched through various psychic connections and an introduction to traditional South American spiritual hallucinogenics, much like William S. Burroughs in The Yage Letters. A visionary path of the Immortals opens up to him, heightened by new streams of  ancient consciousness. However, this shamanic gift comes with a price as the author struggles to reconcile this new knowledge with his contemporary world of academia and relationships.  Rather like one of his searing visions, the book continually morphs becoming a spinning cycle of spiritual memoir, anthropological treatise, anthropomorphic dream, and personal mythography.  Skylight Press is proud to publish this historical, mythological, and esoteric thrill-ride.

“The raw heft alone of the published work of Hugh Fox is staggering ….the range of his intellectual inquiry is truly Renaissance: archaeology, anthropology, sociology, literary criticism and reviewing, novels, poetry, plays — there is hardly a genre left ‘unfoxed!’” (Len Fulton)

Immortal Jaguar is available from pretty much any book trade outlet, or direct from our website.


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