Experience of the Inner Worlds by Gareth Knight

Skylight Press presents the brand new edition of Experience of the Inner Worlds by Gareth Knight, first published in 1975.  This seminal work has become a classic textbook in  many spiritual and esoteric circles.  But don’t just take our word for it… have a look at some of the comments by readers of earlier editions:

“This book is required reading for ANYONE looking to bridge the gap between traditional Christianity and the esoteric world of metaphysics. Gareth Knight is one of the true descendants in a line of metaphysicians bringing forth teachings from a highly spiritual source.”  (Isis Music, USA)

“If you have any fondness for both the esoteric and Grail Myth, you’ll really like the approach of this book. Each chapter is well written yet concise and concludes with easy but practical exercises which build upon each other effectively.”  (Boudicca, Germany)

“Readers are, I’m sure, familiar with the level of hands-on experience Gareth brings to the table. This book provides fresh insights that make it an excellent companion to his Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism, a long time staple on any serious esotericists bookshelf.”  (Bokhara, USA)

“More than a systematic study it is a series of pictures, of hints for future pursuits that – just to give an idea of the turns this book takes – include the grail, the Sefer Yetzirah, Dante, Simone Weil, alchemy, sufi mysticism, the cloud of unknowing, renaissance magic.”  (QWFF, Italy)

“The abstract analysis and concrete points of concern are very fine-tuned to provide great support to the practical applied exercises rounding-out every well-developed chapterial Theme of Experience of the Inner Worlds.” (Kevin Kiersky, USA)

“Considering its comparative brevity (about 250 pages) and high readability, the book’s scope is vast, treating as it does the Cube of Space, the Hebrew alphabet, the Crusades, the Grail mythos, Jungian psychology, inner planes communication, meditation and ritual.”  (Michael K. Kivinen, USA)

“Each chapter of this book concludes with a practical lesson, mostly visualisations. A highlight of this book for me was information given in chapter 5 regarding secret hermetic and alchemic symbols. This is information that I have not found in any other book to date.”  (Dragan, Australia)

(Comments reprinted from various review sites such as Amazon & Goodreads)

Experience of the Inner Worlds is available to order from our website and on Amazon.comAmazon UK and lots of other places.


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1 Response to Experience of the Inner Worlds by Gareth Knight

  1. mirari says:

    I look forward to this read. The themes are ones I’ve been working with for years, in fact, they form the basis for my novel, Time & Transformation, and I always enjoy another point of view on the subject.

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