Yours Very Truly by Gareth Knight

Yours Very Truly is a collection of letters by Gareth Knight, which will provide both insight and entertainment for those interested in magic, the Qabalah, the vagaries of esoteric publishing and a vast array of literary and intellectual subjects.  Knight crafts a good old fashioned epistle, almost always erudite but so often full of humour and acerbic wit also.  Come and share in the human side of one of the most respected and accomplished figures within the Western Mystery Tradition.

“I suppose you can at least feel what it is like to be a lone voice crying in the wilderness – I think even John the Baptist, in time, would have packed up his traps, said ‘Sod it’ (or ‘Sod them’) and gone home, maybe to start a locust or wild honey farm.”

The letters span some forty years, beginning in 1969 with a letter to the poet Kathleen Raine.  Other recipients include R. J. Stewart, Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki, Alan Richardson, Ronald Hutton, John and Caitlín Matthews, Wendy Berg, Sir Michael Dummett and Warren Kenton.

Yours Very Truly by Gareth Knight is available to order from our website and on, Amazon UK and lots of other places.

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