Daniel Staniforth on Skylight Press

Weaver in the Sluices by Daniel Staniforth is set to be the first poetry title unleashed by Skylight Press – a collection of 100 or so poems which emerge from under the mantle of Dylan Thomas, Wilfred Owen and all those for whom the beauty and sound of language – and depths of imagery – are the primary focus. The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed that Daniel is a member of the Skylight editorial team; his debut poetry book was snapped up by the other directors of Skylight who were so impressed they wanted to grab it before anybody else did. Daniel’s work has been published in Rogue Poetry Review, The Houston Literary Review and Monkey Puzzle, while audio soundscape versions have also appeared in Trickhouse, InStereoPress, and Not Enough Night. You can listen to a selection of audio poems on his Poetscapes page at www.flowforth.com.

Moon Couplets

As the pale rosette around the moon
Which rings at zenith its pearly rune
I shall bind to thee as petals cup their dew
And braid the reaching strands with light anew
As fronds to the soil. The willow’s kiss
Finds for its thirst an eternal silver bliss
We shall cast our twin shales to the roots
And make our garland bed of Albion’s shoots
There among the shunt of culvert streams
Conjoining prongs dowse the ancient dreams
The earthen grail bears the lover’s lap
Nectar suckled fresh from nature’s tap
A forth upon the river thou will be
Sweet beck that flows to my darkest sea

Born in Edgbaston, and brought up in Clapham and later Bolton, there is a strong current of Englishness weaving through Daniel’s work and a deep connection with natural magic and the soul of the land … but it is diverse enough to take in the bleak and the gritty as well as his finely crafted dreamworlds.

In addition to his Skylight responsibilities he currently teaches English at the Metropolitan State College of Denver and served for three years at the Jack Kerouac School for Disembodied Poetics’ Summer Writing Programme. Daniel writes poetry, fiction and literary analysis and is also a consummate musician! Following a childhood as a cello prodigy, he has become an incredibly diverse all-round multi-instrumentalist and composer who works in collaboration with fellow Skylighter Rebsie Fairholm. In addition to several CD releases, their music has featured in stage productions at the Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre and the National Media Centre in Nathupur, India, as well as two feature films directed by John Hartman.

About Rebsie

Run the Daughter of the Soil gardening blog, and Cheltonia, a history of Cheltenham, as well as assorted music stuff.
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