Alan Richardson on Skylight Press

Skylight Press is proud and excited to be publishing a novella by Alan Richardson, a well known author in the field of esoteric non-fiction and biography. Alan’s many books include The Magical Kabbalah, Gate of Moon, Dancers to the Gods and Priestess: The Life and Magic of Dion Fortune. However we were delighted to find that he is also an extremely gifted writer of fiction. The novella, entitled On Winsley Hill, is packed with magical imagery and the vivid resonance of ancient hill spirits, but it’s also wonderfully down to earth and written with warmth and humour.

Set in a real location in the hills near Bath, the story follows the life-journey of Rosie Chant, a farmworker whose natural psychism attracts the attentions of a visiting American researcher, who uses her visionary gift to further a book he is working on. Their encounter sparks a deep and irrevocable soul-love, entwining their lives and fortunes with the hill itself.

On Winsley Hill is currently in production and due for publication in October 2010. Welcome to the Skylight, Alan!

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