To the Heart of the Rainbow by Gareth Knight

Gareth Knight, who has established his reputation almost exclusively through non-fiction, has come up with a “mythopoeic novel” following within the C.S. Lewis tradition, now published by Skylight Press. Written in a style suitable for children, the symbolism is rooted in the archetypes of the Tarot Trumps and forms a powerful imaginative journey in its own right. To the Heart of the Rainbow will shortly be available through all the major retail channels, or see the Skylight website for details of how to get hold of it now.

The novel also includes 35 evocative illustrations by Libby Travassos Valdez.

Here’s what Gareth has to say about the book.

“In the esoteric world things are not always what they seem. And sometimes for very good reason. One of which is the tradition of providing practical instruction in some other guise – sometimes in the form of fiction. Here the secret is to stimulate the imagination to go into areas that it otherwise might not think existed. It is a technique that has been followed by many esoteric teachers and not least my old mentor Dion Fortune.

Here is my own contribution to the genre. How to experience the power of the Paths of the Tree of Life without having to mug up on all the theory! It is simply a matter of lowering the barriers of disbelief and intellectualisation and being borne along on the flow of story. It follows that what may seem to be a children’s story is a highly appropriate vehicle – for you need to have the willing acceptance of the eyes and ears of a child to register certain things – “of such is the kingdom of heaven”. So identify with one of the children, (or even the dog!), and you never know what might happen!”

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