Gareth Knight on Skylight Press

Skylight Press is to issue a series of books by Gareth Knight, one of the leading writers and lecturers in the esoteric Western Mystery Tradition, author of more than 40 books with a career spanning five decades. Some will be new titles, some will be reissues of classic works. We’re very grateful to have the full support and endorsement of Gareth Knight.

First off the press is a novel, To the Heart of the Rainbow – ostensibly a children’s novel and certainly suitable for children. But for those attuned to its deeper symbolism, the story forms an imaginative journey along the paths of the Tree of Life.

During the autumn we will be reissuing three of Gareth’s classic books: A History of White Magic, Experience of the Inner Worlds and a new and expanded edition of his acclaimed book about the mythopoeic fiction of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien et al, The Magical World of the Inklings.

You can find Gareth’s official website here.


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